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The only migraine
medication that treats
and prevents all in one1,2

*Per IQVIA as oral brand in class (oral CGRP receptor antagonists): number one prescribed, number one in new prescriptions, and more neurologists selected as brand of choice

Ellie W Actual Nurtec ODT patient

The only medication proven:


  • ONE rapidly dissolving tablet that works quickly to resolve pain and return many patients back to normal activities in 1 hour1,3-5
  • Demonstrated preventive effect within 1 week for many patients6,‡


  • Treats or prevents for up to 48 hours at a time for many patients1,3,7
  • Reduction in mean monthly migraine days (MMDs) for many patients through 12 weeks of treatment1,2

Back to normal activities = return to normal function

Exploratory analysis. Subjects had ≥1 day of efficacy data in the observation period and in the first week of the double-blind treatment period.6

Study designs

For the acute indication, Nurtec ODT was evaluated in a multi‑center, double‑blind, randomized, placebo‑controlled study of 1351 patients (Nurtec ODT 75 mg, n=669; placebo, n=682), with co‑primary endpoints at 2 h for Nurtec ODT vs placebo: pain freedom (21% vs 11%, P<.001) and freedom from most bothersome symptoms (MBS; predefined as photophobia, phonophobia, or nausea; 35% vs 27%; P=.001).1

For the preventive indication, rimegepant 75 mg was evaluated in a multi‑center, double‑blind, randomized, placebo‑controlled study of 695 patients (rimegepant 75 mg, n=348; placebo, n=347) with the primary endpoint being change from baseline in the mean number of monthly migraine days during weeks 9‑12 (-4.3 vs -3.5, P=.01).1

A long-term open label safety study with 1800 patients evaluated rimegepant 75 mg dosed as needed for 52 weeks (N=1514) and dosed every other day plus as needed for 12 weeks (N=286).1,8

Over 255 million insured individuals now have access to Nurtec ODT across all channels*,†

Coverage for 96% of your commercially-insured patients*

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*Managed Markets Insights & Technology LLC as of 1/10/2023 UnitedHealthcare • Anthem • Aetna • Cigna

Ellie's Migraine Story

Anytime I have a stressful exam or my period is coming up, I know I can count on Nurtec ODT to prevent my migraines.

Ellie W
Actual Nurtec ODT patient since 2018
Individual results may vary

How Greg took command of his migraines with Nurtec ODT

I wanted to leave my pain on the battlefield, but migraine attacks followed me home... Until Nurtec ODT changed all that.

Greg PFormer Green Beret Founder of Blue Ridge Safehouse nonprofit Actual Nurtec ODT patient since 2021 Individual results may vary

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