New #1 treatment in its class

AS OF 8/6/2021*

*Per IQVIA as oral brand in class (oral CGRP receptor antagonists): number one
number one in new prescriptions, and more neurologists selected as
brand of choice

patient profiles

Ellie W
Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

Every patient is unique—adapt between acute and preventive

Treat attacks
through 48 hours
Sophie is dissatisfied with her current acute treatment with ~4 migraines
per month

Actor portrayal.

Adapt to your patient's
changing needs
Ellie W, Actual Nurtec ODT Patient
Ellie averages 4 migraines per month
but the migraines increase when facing
unavoidable triggers like stress

Ellie is an actual patient who is taking or has taken Nurtec ODT. Individual results may vary.

Sara has a predictable trigger,
her menstrual cycle with 3-4 migraines
during her cycle and 3-4 at other times
throughout the month

Actor portrayal.

When preventive
is right
Edgar suffers from ~12 migraine days per month. He's on preventive
, but needs something oral
and tolerable as his job depends on it

Actor portrayal.

What real patients
are saying about
Nurtec ODT

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