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Coverage for your commercially insured patients

resources for you and your patients

Whether you need prior authorization (PA) how-to's and templates, telemedicine guidance, or tools for your patients, we've got you covered. Check out the helpful resources below.

*Per IQVIA as oral brand in class (oral CGRP receptor antagonists): number one prescribed,
number one in new prescriptions, and more neurologists selected as brand of choice

Get Nurtec ODT samples for your patients

Have samples of Nurtec ODT delivered to your office or, if your practice is located
in an eligible state, have samples shipped directly to your patients.

Nurtec® OneSource Overview

All you need to know about our universal support program

A one-stop service providing you, and your patients prescribed Nurtec ODT, comprehensive personalized support.

Telemedicine resources

Help your patients make the most out of their virtual care visit.

Get tips for prescribing Nurtec ODT via telemedicine (including prescribing electronically and setting favorites).

Nurtec ODT Summary

An informational, single‑sheet resource highlighting the benefits and uses of Nurtec ODT

Diagnosis & Treatment Tools

Two simple, effective questionnaires. One to explore the possibility of migraine. The other to assess and optimize treatment.

PA resources

We're here to help simplify the PA process.


Use the templates below
to streamline and save time.

letter of medical necessity template

A template to help simplify writing a letter of medical necessity.

letter of appeal template

A template to help simplify writing a letter of medical appeal.

specialist consultation referral template

A template to help simplify referring a patient to another healthcare provider.


Here are some helpful guides in case
you have questions or get stuck.

how-to guide for letter of medical necessity

A guide to help you write a letter of medical necessity.

how-to practice guide for letter of appeal

A practice guide to help you write a letter of appeal.

prior and reauthorization worksheet

A tool to help you prepare your PA requests for appropriate patients by listing potential criteria that your patients may need to meet for the health plan to approve initial or continued use of Nurtec ODT.

how to prescribe

A step‑by‑step guide to simplify how to prescribe Nurtec ODT.

Patient resources

Ensure your patients have all the information and support they need. Here are some materials that can help them learn more about Nurtec ODT. Choose from these options: 1) direct download; 2) email to patient; or 3) customize and download the PDFs.

You can choose to insert a contact number and your practice location as options on the emails and PDF downloads you send to your patients.

Nurtec ODT Patient Brochure

A brochure with information for patients about Nurtec ODT, including how to take it for both acute and preventive use.

Nurtec® OneSource Patient Guide

A guide to help your patients understand what to expect, and next steps, once they've been prescribed Nurtec ODT through Nurtec® OneSource.

Migraine Questionnaire Tear Pad

A questionnaire that can help you and your patients evaluate whether their current migraine management is working for them.

Nurtec Brand Multi-Lingual Tear Pad

A two-sided page for your patients to better understand Nurtec ODT, as well as how it has worked for other patients with migraines.

Nurtec ODT Patient Information

A document providing information about Nurtec ODT and its use so your patients can be closely involved in their treatment.

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