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why Nurtec® ODT (rimegepant)

Camille W
Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

*Per IQVIA as oral brand in class (oral CGRP receptor antagonists): number one prescribed,
number one in new prescriptions, and more neurologists selected as brand of choice

Patients are often forced to sit on the sidelines, unable to participate in the things they love1

Of the 11,266 people
with migraine...2

59% say that migraine has stopped them from participating in previous hobbies2

57% say that migraine has stopped them from attending social events2

34% say that migraine has stopped them from engaging in sports or exercising2

Traditional oral treatments are often associated with poor tolerability and high discontinuation rates that limit use for patients with migraine.3

Nurtec ODT can also prevent migraines, so I feel way more confident about getting on the road!

Evan B

Actual Nurtec ODT patient
Individual results may vary

I have gone from fearful to empowered and secure because Nurtec ODT helps me treat or prevent migraines.

Mary H

Actual Nurtec ODT patient
Individual results may vary

Although most patients have identified triggers that cause their migraine, some cannot be avoided1,4,5,*

Common Triggers

Irregular sleep schedule, hormonal change. seasonal change. stress, light


97% of people with migraine are aware of their triggers4,†

For your patients who can't avoid seasonal, stress, and menstrual-related migraine triggers, consider a flexible approach that allows you to treat migraine based on their needs.1,4,5

*Based on the annual "Migraine in America" survey, a June 22, 2020-September 14, 2020 U.S. online survey completed by 4693 adults with migraine by

Based on the annual "Migraine in America" survey, a 2016 U.S. online survey completed by 3923 adults with migraine by

Blocking the CGRP receptor has been shown to reduce pain and symptoms during a migraine attack and reduce migraine frequency6,7

One dose can inhibit three CGRP-induced effects by selectively binding to CGRP receptors8-11

Inhibits pain signaling8,12

Inhibits vasodilation without active vasoconstriction6,8,12

Inhibits neurogenic inflammation8,12

The selective binding of CGRP receptor antagonists treats migraine without the vasoconstrictive effects of triptans.6,7

The CGRP mechanism of action is not associated with MOH.13

MOA=mechanism of action; CGRP=calcitonin gene-related peptide; MOH=medication overuse headache

I can go about my life now without fearing that a migraine is around the corner.

Mary H

Actual Nurtec ODT patient
Individual results may vary

The medication I trust to stop migraine attacks is proven to prevent migraines, too? That's amazing!

Brittany N

Actual Nurtec ODT patient
Individual results may vary

See the Doctor Discussion Guide on to find out about topics your patients may raise with you regarding their migraine experiences and treatment goals.

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